movies Chasing Einstein download free

movies Chasing Einstein download free

Chasing Einstein (2019)

Release : 2019-03-23
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 81 minutes
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Descriptions Chasing Einstein

What if you spent your life searching for something that might not exist?
Nobody has managed to challenge Einstein’s theory of gravity, even though its shocking conclusion says that the majority of the universe’s gravity is due to a mysterious form of invisible matter which nobody has ever observed. But now physics stands at a crossroads. The field’s sharpest brains have dedicated their lives to search for this ‘dark matter.’ While others are working on a new theory of gravity. This documentary follows leading scientists at the largest particle accelerator LHC at CERN, the largest underground labs (XENON), the largest telescope arrays, and the LIGO gravitational wave detector to find out whether Einstein’s theory of relativity, as it passes its 100th birthday, stands the test of time.

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