movies Partisans download free

movies Partisans download free

Partisans (2016)

Release : 2016-10-04
Genre : Family, Drama
Runtime : 18 minutes
Company : Focus-Fox Studio
Cast : Illés Vencel, Szili Géza
Language : hu

Descriptions Partisans

The film is the story of a childhood friendship tells the story of the fall of 1959, in Budapest. Jancsika and Feri nine years old, lives put them together in the common events: when Feri protect weaker friend when the marbles wins, but the larger ones lost him, and committed with mischief when the lányöltözőbe peephole and coach to shame them in front of the girls, or partizánosdi loud, which annoy the caretaker day. No idea how dangerous terrain that their friendship is born. One day his father conducted by Feri arrested and hauled away Jancsika father, who was a participant in the events of fifty-six. During the house search find the hole in the national flag, which at that time was enough for the death penalty.

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