Cinema Metaphysique No. 1-5 1972 movies

Cinema Metaphysique No. 1-5 1972 movies

Cinema Metaphysique No. 1-5 (1972)

Release : 1972-01-01
Genre :
Runtime : 16 minutes
Company :
Cast :
Language :

Descriptions Cinema Metaphysique No. 1-5

This early work belongs in the company of Paik and Yalkut’s classic collaborative “video-films,” including Video Tape Study No. 3, Beatles Electronique, and Missa of Zen. To the accompaniment of the abrupt sonic interjections of Fluxus-affiliated composer Takehisa Kosugi, Yalkut’s black and white film records brief, masked actions: an arm with clenching fist; a pair of faces, visible only about the eyes, which squint, gaze, and rest; Paik eating a slice of bread. Reminiscent of Beckett’s theater, as well as the minimal movements of 1960s avant-garde dance, Cinéma Metaphysique is a study in gesture and stillness, noise and silence.
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