Hypnotic Hick 1953 movies

Hypnotic Hick 1953 movies

Hypnotic Hick (1953)

Release : 1953-08-25
Genre : Animation
Runtime :
Company : Walter Lantz Productions
Cast :
Language :

Descriptions Hypnotic Hick

Woody is asked by a law officer to serve a court summons on Buzz Buzzard. Woody accepts but when Buzz takes a look at the summons, he disposes of Woody and thwarts all his attempts to deliver it. Finally, Woody uses hypnotism to get Buzz to accept it and, just for kicks, hypnotizes him into thinking he’s various animals and getting him to wander around a skyscraper skeleton. Finally, Woody brings Buzz into the officer who serves Woody with a court summons for practicing hypnotism out of season.

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