Kerat 14 2013 movies

Kerat 14 2013 movies

Kerat 14 (2013)

Release : 2013-02-13
Genre : Thriller
Runtime : 84 minutes
Company :
Cast : Aaron Aziz, Siti Saleha, Fouziah Gous, Ali Arami, Zamarul Hisham, Arash Mohd
Language : ms

Descriptions Kerat 14

“Kerat 14” is an action packed thriller that started of with the love story of Haziq and Nuzara. Haziq and Nuzara are a very romantic loving couples and Haziq has a tremendous amount of love for Nurzara. But Haziq is involved in unhealthy social activities which Nurzara is not very happy with. In between them Aril appears and is attracted to Nurzara’s beauty while Nurzara and Haziq are at a night club in Kuala Lumpur. An unexpected horrifying tragedy happens in the love story of Haziq and Nurzara and is under investigation of ASP Razman. Who will be the victim in this love story of Nurzara and Haziq? Will Haziq win the love of Nurzara? Will Haziq be able to stand by his true love and care for Nurzara ?

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